A Classic Funny Clean Toliet Prank :D06.16.09

Haha, I must say that the gang from “Just for Laughs” really has got it when it comes to great clean humor, that is funny to anyone and everyone. Its comedy for the whole world basically. In this extremely funny and classic prank we have toilet humor at its finest. They have done this prank several times in the past, and thats because it really is a good one. Have a laugh with me and watch this now! 😀 | Free stuff

Funny right? I told you so 😉

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Funny Joke Commercial Video04.11.09

Haha, I must say I have watched a lot of videos from this guy on the internet lately. Its such great sense of humor I think 😀 Haha. LoL at this video, and all his other ones. Although this is one of the few videos he has made which can we posted on this funny clean videos site.

Have fun watching this, and remember to rate it with the stars =) So I know if you like this type of humor video too. I would greatly appricate any comment you leave me too by the way =) I hope you had a great easter holiday, because I have and I wish everyone the best.
billig hotell

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Funny Mythbusters Blooper Video09.26.08

YouTube Preview Image
I dont know if you watch a lot of mythbusters on discovery channel like I do. But if you do I know you will like to watch this blooper video. Clean innocent fun =) Adam is a cool guy, if he wasnt on the show, it would have been bad, but with him its a good show. Have fun, and have a funny weekend.

fjerne rynker | ned i vekt

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Funny Banana Dance on Trampoline Hehe08.21.08

YouTube Preview Image

Haha, what could be better than a giant banana jumping on a trampoline? hehe, I must say I enjoyed this stupid video… Some nice jumps and stuff, but I really laughed when the dog started to chase this banana guy, thats just incredible cool to catch on film. It would probably win a dumb home movie clip award or something. Well I hope you like this funny banana video too, and have a nice day! 😉

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Hilarious Tom Cruise Parody From Super Hero Movie !07.30.08

YouTube Preview Image

Haha, I just love videos making fun of Tom Cruise, and here is a clip about the very funny movie “Super Hero Movie”, which I just saw the other day. It really is so incredible funny, that you MUST see it, if you havent already 🙂 I laughed so much thru the entire movie. One of the funniest comdies ever, after “Happy Gilmoure”, “Anger Managment”, and others.

When you watch this Tom Cruise Parody, it might be a good idea to then watch the man himself in action, to see just how spot on this parody really is. Here is Tom Cruise for real, going crazy at Oprah:

YouTube Preview Image

Tom Cruise…. what a guy… 😀

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Just found out how to download videos from youtube07.18.08

I didnt know how to get the videos from youtube down to my computer before. But now after I ready this guide on how to download and convert youtube videos ,  Im finally downloading videos like crazy =) Imagine how many videos that are on youtube now, and all of them can be downloaded to my computer! Freaking Sweet ! 🙂

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The Ultimate Funny Music Video ?06.22.08

YouTube Preview Image

Now here is a music video that has been seen over 7,904,376 times! Wow that freakin incredible isnt it!? Anyway its ofcourse the weezer video called Pork and Beans, a great song from this amazing band! Keep it up Weezer, and lets help them out with some more views on this sweet video 😀

digital product reviews

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