Hilarious Tom Cruise Parody From Super Hero Movie !

Posted in General Funny Videos on Jul 30, 2008

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Haha, I just love videos making fun of Tom Cruise, and here is a clip about the very funny movie “Super Hero Movie”, which I just saw the other day. It really is so incredible funny, that you MUST see it, if you havent already 🙂 I laughed so much thru the entire movie. One of the funniest comdies ever, after “Happy Gilmoure”, “Anger Managment”, and others.

When you watch this Tom Cruise Parody, it might be a good idea to then watch the man himself in action, to see just how spot on this parody really is. Here is Tom Cruise for real, going crazy at Oprah:

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Tom Cruise…. what a guy… 😀

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2 Responses to “ Hilarious Tom Cruise Parody From Super Hero Movie ! ”

  1. # 1 Michael Says:

    I’ve never seen the Tom Cruise-going-crazy video before but I think it must have been hyped up; it was a lot more benign than I expected. Anyways, I feel kinda goofy for posting this in your comments section, but I didn’t know another way to get in touch with you. I’m a fan of your blog and I also work at a small internet start-up in Berkeley called Redux with a bunch of other (mostly) unshaven 20-something year old guys. We’re building a site that is focused on creating a community around discovery of videos and other media. The last couple of weeks I’ve been tasked with making a list of people that are articulate, enjoy sharing stuff and most importantly have a good eye for interesting content. In short we’re looking for founding community members to be folks who actually care about what’s good.

    As much fun as it has been to be paid to sift through funny video collections on the internet, eventually I have to actually contact these people like you to help us. I don’t really know how to phrase this– but I think that you’d be a big help in shaping the site with your opinions and showing us how you use it.

    If you would like to be a part of our big, happy, unshaven family you can find our site at

    You’d be among the first handful of people we are showing this to. If you need any help getting set up with the site or if you have any questions you can email me back at this address (michael@redux.com). We’re developing in a bubble of our own opinions, so I’d really like to hear what you think about the site.


  2. # 2 MG Says:

    Ha ha That was hilarious! I had seen that other Jerry O’Donnell parody of Tom’s
    Scientology beliefs, but I had not seen this one! Thanks! Makes me want to see
    that movie!

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